DISCLOSURE FT SAM SMITH - Latch Pharaoh (Made Monster Vs Deal Bootleg)

DISCLOSURE FT SAM SMITH - Latch Pharaoh (Made Monster Vs Deal Bootleg)

Friday, November 14, 2014 at 10:00:00 PM

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>> I've finally find a way to play this amazing song in my sets !

Here is my bootleg of Disclosure's anthem "Latch". A mix between the Made Monster remix and "Pharaoh" from Jewelz and Scott Sparks.

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Dj Deal

Eclectism, energy, sharing.

These are the values that represent the style and universe "Party Shaker" of Dj Deal.

With a musical culture without borders, the quality of its programming open-format (pop, r&b, electro...) as well as his impact on the mic, his explosiveness and technique of his mix, makes Dj Deal a unique artist, distinguished by its originality and communion with the audience.

You can follow Dj Deal on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or on his website www.djdeal.fr where you will find photos and videos including the Cybernight Show with 35,000 people in Annecy (France) !

Do not miss him during his shows... You gonna have a good time !

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Eclectisme, énergie, partage.

Voilà les valeurs qui représentent l'univers et le style "Party Shaker" de Dj Deal.

Fort d'une culture musicale sans limites ni frontières, la qualité de sa programmation open-format (pop, r&b, electro…) ainsi que son impact au micro et sa technique de mix explosive font de Dj Deal un artiste unique, se démarquant par son originalité et sa communion avec le public.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter sont autant de moyens de le suivre ainsi que son site www.djdeal.fr ou vous retrouverez ses photos et vidéos dont celle tournée avec 35 000 personnes lors de la Cybernight à Annecy !

Ne le manquer pas lors de ses shows… You gonna have a good time !